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 Family Guide

Bible Story:

John 10:22–40; Luke 10:38–42; John 11:1–52

Super Verse: 

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have God’s Son does not have life. 1 John 5:12 (nlt)


Click on the titles below to enjoy some fun songs. 

Give Me A J-E-S-U-S

My God Is So Big

Here are some fun things to do at home that you may not have thought of 



1. has many live cams from eagles nests to watering holes that african animals are known to congragate.

                                                                                                        2. Explore some of the National Park  This has short videos of each national park.


3. Brownies Were Invented at This Chicago Hotel — and You Can Bake the Original Recipe at Home


4. DoubleTree by Hilton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Loved by Millions — and We Have the Official Recipe


5. Dollywood Has the Best Cinnamon Bread in America — and We Have the Official Recipe

6. Since it is so hot outside, try a Disney Dole Whip.

It only has 3 ingredients..


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Games that are fun for your children and that educate them about the bible all at the same time! Win-Win Right?!​

Bible Profiles you can check out all the characters in the bible! What they did and bible verses that help you and your children learn about them! Even the parents find this interesting!!

This months videos are on Right Now Media! If you need information about what you need to do to watch your child’s lesson videos please email Amy at